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Read It & Eat is a culinary bookstore dedicated to providing food lovers with exceptional culinary experiences through carefully selected books, classes and discussions. The book collection highlights selections on cooking, travel, biographies, essays and history and our calendar of events that includes author/chef signings, discussions, demonstrations, tastings and cooking classes.

We also host a cookbook club meets monthly to discuss books, recipes and techniques while enjoying a meal together.

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At a Glance

Management Consultant by day, food enthusiast for life Esther Dairiam took a culinary tour in Paris back in 2012 when she came across Librairie Gourmande, a bookstore dedicated to food and cooking. Dairiam doesn't cook much, but she loves to eat, and wondered if she could open a similar store dedicated to the culinary literature of Chicago.

After some research and dedication, she did! Situated in the heart of Lincoln Park, Read it & Eat features 4,000 cookbooks, food histories, food science, travel books and novels with culinary terms. Dairiam was not looking to open just another regular neighborhood bookstore, she was determined to turn the store into a resource for cooks and food lovers. That is how she came up with the idea of turning 500 square feet to a kitchen and prep area. Here, Read It + Eat hosts cooking lessons, demos, events and book signing.

À la carte Chicago is proud to have local businesses like Read It + Eat as part of the celebration this October!



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