La Fournette


When master baker Pierre Zimmermann opened La Fournette Bakery he was inspired by the 4 generations of expertise and craftsmanship that sustained the 110 year old Zimmermanns' family bakery in Schnersheim, France.

At La Fournette, the Zimmermanns with Pierre and his sons in the bakery and Michele directing Front of House operations wish to recreate their family bakery in Alsace while making it uniquely Chicagoan.

Crusty, aromatic, and flavorful; the way bread is supposed to be, most La Fournette breads are made with natural sourdough starters, a slow process that results in superior flavor and texture. All of La Fournette's products are made in their West Loop bakery which was designed to be energy efficient and operate with minimal waste.

At a Glance

When pastry genius Pierre Zimmermann opened La Fournette Bakery, he was inspired by four generations of expertise and craftsmanship that sustained the Zimmermann's family bakery in the Alsatian village in Schnersheim, France for 110 years old. Located in the heart of Lincoln Park, the bakery is a family affair with Pierre and his sons in the bakery while his wife Michele directs the Front of House operations. A World Baking Champion 1996, Pierre recreates his family bakery in Alsace, while making it uniquely Chicago. While you're at La Fournette's Old Town location, keep an eye out for some vintage bakery equipment from Alsace. The traditional equipment brings an aura of antiquity and elegance. With two branches, one in Old Town and one in Lincoln Park, La Fournette offers a wide variety of authentic French pastries. If you do not know where to start, we suggest going with some of the "menu musts" like Tarte Flambée, Baguette, Cheese Bread, Spritz Cookies, Macarons, and Salmon Tartine. Make sure to check out Chef Pierre Zimmerman in February 2016 when he serves as the president of the jury of the Louis Lesaffre Cup. He will supervise the continental selections for the World Cup of Baking held in Paris! Until then, stop by La Fournette during à la carte Chicago for a special offer on "Bleu-Blanc-Rouge" macarons.



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