Chevalier Fine Wines


Welcome to Chevalier Fine Wines! We believe wine is about passion, dedication and integrity. Those values are the cornerstones of our service.

We are passionate about wine and dedicated to continually learning and tasting so we can bring you the best wines.

We hand-select for you the wines of artisanal producers, wines that speak of the place and tell the story of the people who made them.

We provide the highest level of personal service, guidance and education, learning about your preferences and sharing our knowledge so you can enjoy the best wines for your palate.

We love to meet wine drinkers of all profiles, from beginners who are just starting to discover what they like to dedicated connoisseurs who are looking for hard-to-find wines available on allocation only.

At a Glance

There is more to wine than you might think. Like most wine enthusiasts, the owners behind Chevalier Fine Wines believe that wine is about passion, dedication and integrity. They take pride in offering the best representation of artisanal wines — that is stories behind the individuals and their passion for the craft and the grape.

Established in 2015, Chevalier Fine Wines is located in Noble Square. The business goes to great lengths to get the best wines from France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and the USA. More than that, Chevalier Fine Wines offers wine storage space that ensures your wines age in the perfect condition. Hosting a wine tasting event has never been easier with Chevalier Fine Wines as they rent their space and chartering services to guests!

We are thrilled that guests can experience the atmosphere, wine, and expertise that Chevalier Fine Wines has to offer during à la carte Chicago!



à la carte Chicago
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