Dopff & Irion


What would à la carte 2016 be without some white wine straight from the Alsatian vineyards. Fortunately, Domaine Dopff et Irion is one of our sponsors for this year’s festival! We are so excited for you to learn more about the heritage of such a well known vineyard. Cheers!

The Dopff and Irion families, whose origins can be traced to the vineyard as of the 16th century, have known, from one generation to the next, how to build upon their heritage: the vineyard and Chateau de Riquewihr.

Constructed in 1549, the Chateau was originally owned by the Princes of Wurtemberg, who ruled over the city and its region for five centuries. Today, Riquewihr is known to be “the pearl of Alsace”. The exceptional richness of its architecture and decorations bear witness to its former glory. Chateau de Riquewihr and Domaines Dopff & Irion offer you all of the diversity of the appellations, grape varieties, Grands Crus,and specialties of the Alsatian vineyard. You can go there and discover great gastronomic wines, expressing the exceptional specific style of their terroir and origin.

Chateau de Riquewhir is known for its Riesling, a rich, fresh yellow, almost gold wine. Their Riesling has lemony and fruity notes such as apple, alongside mineral flavors, all harmonized to create a delicious and delicate taste. Riesling has many pairings. With grilled, raw or cooked fish, seafood, poultry, white meat, Riesling is excellent. Perfect for roast pork or veal chop and even goat cheese. Their website can tell you all about the journey of a grape from the vineyard to the wine glass. Make sure to learn more about this fascinating Domaine.


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